Kitaura Kaiun Fleet

IMSCO's supply of crew members for the Kitaura Kaiun Company's wood chips carrier fleet.

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Fleet Personnel Records

IMSCO supplies highly skilled and well-trained crew members to serve aboard Kitaura Kaiun's wood chips carriers, contributing to the fleet's exceptional performance, safety, and customer satisfaction. The synergy between Kitaura Kaiun's vessels and IMSCO's competent crew further solidifies the company's position as a reliable and trusted player in the wood chips transportation sector.

M/V Astrantia

Flag:   Japan

Type:  Wood Chips Carrier

IMO:  9477945

MMSI:  431996000

Call Sign:  7KDY

Gross Tonnage:  49295

Dead Weight:  58758t

Length x Breadth:  209.94x36m

Year Built:  2009   

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M/V Stellar Harmony

Flag:  Panama

Type:  Wood Chips Carrier

IMO:  9919539

MMSI:  352001566

Call Sign:  3E3474

Gross Tonnage:  41463

Dead Weight:  49506t

Length x Breadth:  199.99x32m

Year Built:  2022   

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M/V Silver Pegasus

Flag:  Panama

Type:  Wood Chips Carrier

IMO:  9343455

MMSI:  352293000

Call Sign:  3ENT4

Gross Tonnage:  43739

Dead Weight:  54267t

Length x Breadth:  12.26m

Year Built:  2007

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M/V Glorious Sakura

Flag:  Panama

Type:  Wood Chips Carrier

IMO:  9363699

MMSI:  370962000

Call Sign:  3FOG5

Gross Tonnage:  49294

Dead Weight:  60500t

Length x Breadth:  210x36.5m

Year Built:  2008

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M/V Glorious Peony

Flag:  Panama

Type:  Wood Chips Carrier

IMO:  9311139

MMSI:  372828000

Call Sign:  3EKU2

Gross Tonnage:  40537

Dead Weight:  49710t

Length x Breadth:  199.99x32.2m

Year Built:  2007

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Flag:   Panama

Type:  Wood Chips Carrier

IMO:  9287211

MMSI:  371349000

Call Sign:  3ECE8

Gross Tonnage:  43591

Dead Weight:  54334t

Length x Breadth:  210x32.26m

Year Built:  2005

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